- The foundation has coordinated fundraising initiatives to sponsor various costs and expenses associated with
               the running of programs, activities or events prepared for beneficiaries.

         - A fundraising plan is being developed to further support foundation programs.

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The foundation would like to extend the call of support to your organization for the Gift of Christmas event.
We request a donation of funds to purchase grocery parcels for the families and to host the distribution event.
Your donation will further go towards booking a safe and accessible venue, where security and hygiene will be prioritized. It will further help with transportation, setting up of the venue space with relevant infrastructure, decor and the preparation of a meal for the day.
Games for the children, guest speaker and music will also be made available to encourage and uplift beneficiaries.
All Covid-19 health and safety protocols will be observed and adhered to.



GroundSix Lighthouse

Standard Bank


Sandton City branch 051001

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